Have you recently returned from living and working overseas?

Are you about to return to your ‘home’ country?

Do you have a large contingent of your workforce repatriating from overseas assignments?

Returning ‘home’ is all about reconnection.

Reconnecting to people, to places, to ways of life and ways of doing business.

All to often this experience can feel socially and professionally isolating. Insync Network Group is a community of professionals and their partners who currently are or who have recently navigated this journey.

Meeting in interesting local venues and private spaces that allow people to genuinely chat and share experiences, Insync Network Group supports both individuals and the businesses they work for to effectively manage this highly personal transition.

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Insync Network Group was born out of our founder’s personal global journey. Margot Andersen enjoyed an incredibly rich and rewarding seven years living and working in London. During this time she enjoyed not only the diverse experiences of living abroad but also many career defining opportunities and achievements.

Her decision to return to Australia was not one that was made lightly and yet she soon discovered that translating these experiences back to life and business in Australia was not as straight forward as she had anticipated.

Margot was and still is very grateful for her ‘London Crew’ who helped her navigate the transition back home. Whilst she didn’t know many of them during her time away she soon found that those common experiences shared by others were so much more than a reflection on good times had. They were the grounding and support needed to navigate the nuances of reconnecting, readjusting and doing business here at ‘home’. Ten years on and the London Crew remain an integral and much loved part of her personal and professional network.

Building on her ‘London Crew’ experience she has extended this concept of support to others by establishing Insync Network Group. Working with both individuals and businesses that globally relocate their staff, Insync Network Group aims to help returning expats and their partners get back ‘insync’ as quickly as possible. We do this by creating opportunities where people can genuinely engage and identify ways to leverage their experiences in a meaningful and purposeful way



The Insync Community is a diverse group of professionals and their spouses who have lived and worked abroad in all corners of the world.

Our members come from various industries, functions and business structures.

They are a mix of individuals who are embarking on the journey ‘home’ independently as well as those who are relocating as part of an organisation.

Some are local to the city they are returning to, others are not.

Some are leveraging their known career path whilst others are changing or re-establishing it.

Some are relocating families, others are embarking upon this journey alone.

It is this melting pot of experience and backgrounds that makes Insync Network Group unique.

We know that when we bring together a group of successful individuals who can identify with and appreciate each other’s journeys and challenges, it is these collective experiences and networks that help make the transition more rewarding and enjoyable.


A great part of returning ‘home’ is the opportunity to discover new elements to a once familiar city or country.

We typically meet over lunch or dinner at upcoming and favourite restaurants, in emerging art spaces and places that reflect the culture and vibrancy of your city.

Our exclusive dinners are currently held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The needs and interests of the local communities determine other events.

Tickets to our upcoming events can be purchased here.

A full list of our 2019 events are available here.

If you are interested in understanding more about our community as an individual or a business, please feel free to register your details using the contact form above and we will look forward to connecting with you further.



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