Recently returned from living & working overseas?

Returning 'home' is all about reconnection

Insync Network Group is a community of globally-minded professionals who have lived and worked abroad. As a network, we support returning expats reconnect both personally and professionally to make their international move a successful one. 

We offer our network the opportunity to connect at our quarterly cocktail evenings, as well as through specialised programs to assist our members navigate their global journey.


About Insync Network

As a network we support, collaborate and aim to build mutually beneficial networks that help those who’ve lived overseas reconnect with life and business at ‘home’. Whilst also leveraging the rich and rewarding international experiences that come from life abroad.

The Insync Network is a diverse group of professionals and their partners who have lived and worked abroad in all corners of the world. Our members come from various industries, functions and business structures. They are a mix of individuals who are embarking on the journey ‘home’ independently as well as those who are relocating as part of an organisation.


3 March, 2020
Trunk, Exhibition Street


26 February, 2020
Location TBC


Global Careers

Whether you are looking to leverage your global experience or kick-start your career once again upon your return, our global career programs help you make informed decisions within your local market.