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Our events are held in Melbourne, Sydney and other locations across Australia throughout the year to provide our network with the opportunity to meet fellow returning expatriates and globally minded individuals.

The events bring our community together to meet others who are navigating – or who have successfully navigated – the return journey ‘home’. We also welcome expats from overseas who are currently living and working in Australia, or those who are about to embark on their own return journey.

In the spirit of connection and re-connection, our events offer the opportunity to share experiences and glean some advice from those who have walked in your shoes before.

Featuring Q&A sessions with our members, you will hear first-hand their personal transition story, the highs and the lows, their insights and their learnings when it comes to managing and leveraging global experience.

The global stories we share hail from all corners of the world, from the UK to the USA, Asia, Europe and beyond, and represent a diverse range of experience. 

Join us and meet our network of global citizens who continue to enjoy and appreciate the diversity and opportunity that living abroad brings.

For more information about our upcoming events, contact us.

Upcoming events

3 march 2020

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Insync Network Cocktail Event – Melbourne

Join us for an evening of cocktails, conversation and connection in Melbourne.

We are delighted to announce that author Jayne Tuttle will be joining us as our guest speaker. Tuttle lived in Paris for over a decade and still moves between Australia and France, maintaining her bilingual copywriting business working with Paris advertising agencies.

Her memoir, Paris or Die was recently published in Australia, Europe and the UK, and her writing about life in Paris and between cultures has been published in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian.

Tickets are available here.



Jayne Tuttle

Writer, author and owner of
The Bookshop at Queenscliffe

25 MARCH 2020

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Insync Network Cocktail Event – Sydney

This March, Join us for an evening of cocktails, conversation and connection in Sydney with returned expats from around the world. Speaker to be announced. 

Tickets are available here


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Recent events

Sydney, 2019

Insync Network Cocktail Event - Sydney

Jan McGrath spent 17 years abroad in the US, UK and Hong Kong, and is a senior leader of global strategic business transformation and change initiatives, within the financial services industry. Jan returned to a new home in Australia, Sydney, having been originally from Melbourne. Her return journey came with challenges familiar to many repatriates, such as articulating her professional experience to local employers. While her work was the impetus for her move abroad in 1997, it was a need to be closer to friends and family in Australia that brought her home.


Jan McGrath

Senior leader of global strategic business transformation and change initiatives

SYDNEY, 2019

Insync Network Cocktail Event - Sydney

Earlier this year, Margot Andersen and our network were joined founder and CEO of FD Global Connections, Trena Blair, who is an expert in expanding businesses from Australia into the U.S., with New York as the entry point. Originally from Sydney, Blair is a former New York resident herself, and worked in the city for three years. The flight path between New York and Sydney is now a well-travelled journey for Blair, who journeys back and forth regularly since returning to her Sydney base a decade ago.


Trena Blair

CEO of FD Global Connections