Global Stories

What is your global story? Some Australian expatriates return after decades abroad, while for others, even a few short years away from home can profoundly shape their personal and professional lives.


Each month, we ask a member of our network to share their global story, through which you will find a wealth of insights on navigating the return journey home. Read on to learn more about the global stories from those in our network.






John Weste

“Plan, plan, plan, and do your due diligence long before you actually come home,” advises John Weste, as he reflects on his international life of more than 20 years. “If you’re thinking of returning to Australia, know that it’s not going to be easy. You need to start preparing a long time before you return.”

Jayne Tuttle

Jayne Tuttle lived in Paris for over a decade and still moves between Australia and France. maintaining her bilingual copywriting business working with Paris advertising agencies. Fifteen years ago, an opportunity to take a scholarship Jacques Lecoq Theatre School in Paris arose, and it was the prospect of this adventure that prompted Tuttle to make the move to the City of Light.

Trena Blair

For CEO and founder of FD Global Connections, Trena Blair, the flight between Sydney and New York is a path well-travelled. While Sydney is home, Trena is a former New York resident, who now splits her time between the two cities.

Claire Pales

“I felt like the world at home in Australia hadn’t changed but, I had,” says Claire Pales, of her return journey from Hong Kong to Melbourne. “No one else was any different to before but I noticed a difference between them and me. It’s interesting that I don’t feel this as much anymore, and I’m much prouder of my expat journey than I was when I first came back.”

Jane Hollman

“Professionally I had gained so much experience working on global projects under a lot of pressure during the GFC. It was invaluable,” says Jane Hollman of her life in New York City, where she lived and worked from 2008-2012.

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