Insync in the News


In the latest magazine issue from ANZA Singapore, Margot Andersen shares her career tips for those returning to Australia and New Zealand from Singapore. You can read the article here






Alan Kohler

Financial journalist Alan Kohler interviews Margot Andersen for the Qantas Talking Business podcast about how the Insync Network Group supports individuals to translate international experience to the Australian market. Tune in here.

CEO Magazine

Margot Andersen's most recent article How returning expats can secure a successful career back home offers five key tips for senior executives returning home after many years overseas. You can read more here.

Ticker TV News





Margot Andersen was recently interviewed by Ticker TV on the challenges many expats continue to face in navigating the local employment market, despite the current skills shortage. She also shares how the Insync Network Group seeks to bridge this disconnect.  Watch here. 


Tell Me Where 2 Go

Margot Andersen and Simone Pregellio talk about life overseas and the Boomeranging podcast as part of TellMeWhere2Go’s new Super Seven Series focusing on travel identities adjusting to COVID. Take a listen here

The Employee Mobility Institute

As a member of The Employee Mobility Institute, Margot Andersen has contributed a range of articles addressing the management of repatriation, global careers and global leadership. Read articles here.

Forbes Magazine

Margot Andersen was interviewed for Forbes Women’s Digital Network on the art of repatriation and discusses several strategies to make your return the return journey a successful on. Read the article here.

The Politics of Expat Life


On Amber Daines’ podcast, Margot Andersen discusses the challenges of expat life are rarely talked about beyond the inner circle. She explains the facets of living abroad and repatriation journeys. Tune in here.

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