Insync for Business

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We work with organisations to help build and retain a globally-minded workforce that supports future business growth in and from Australia.

Bundled Memberships

Our fully customisable membership packages allow you to ‘cherry pick’ a solution that is right for you and your employees.

Designed to maximise the retention, engagement and performance of your repatriates, our solutions provide individuals with a membership whilst allowing you to choose additional advisory services to meet your business requirement.

Cost is determined on volume of employees and they type of advisory services required.


Assignment Debriefs

Offering  an independent process to help you effectively manage post-assignment issues and improve employee experience our assignment debrief frameworks are designed to:

  • Identify retention and engagement risks
  • Capture employee knowledge, skills and networks
  • Create opportunities for both parties to leverage knowledge, networks and experience
  • Support employee wellbeing

Employee Coaching Programs

In recognising the highly personal nature of global transitions, we help individuals to confidently manage their career upon their return.

Using a structured framework, the program assists individuals to: 

  • Identify transition needs and priorities using the Six Zones of Repatriation audit tool
  • Explore repatriation challenges and strategies to overcome them
  • Create their personal positioning to clearly articulate and localise their experiences
  • Re-engage with key stakeholders and local industry networks
  • Identity opportunities to leverage their experiences from within organisation

Outplacement Programs

Offering end to end support for both employer and employee, our customised programs seek to minimise business risk and provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage with the market in a timely and supported manner.

As a community we offer departing employees immediate connection with others who understand the challenges of navigating transition in a market they have been outside of; and additionally with those who have successfully re-established their careers here at home.

Partner Programs

For many accompanying partners, repatriation offers them an opportunity to kick start their career once again.

Our tailored programs include membership to the Insync Network Group and support for participants to:

  • Identity their preferred career options
  • Navigate areas of sensitivity or complexity
  • Develop the core transition tools such as cv, online profiles and positioning statements
  • Build a personalised ‘go-to-market’ plan
  • Engage in the interview and appointment process

Repatriate Strategy

Offering advisory services that extend beyond the logistics of expatriate support, we partner with organisations to develop practical and high impact practices that minimise risk and maximise retention, engagement and performance.

Services include:

  • Repatriation planning
  • Re-onboarding programs
  • Manager strategy sessions
  • Knowledge management frameworks
  • Career management and workforce planning
  • Repatriate mentor programs
  • Training and coaching program design

To find out more about how we can help both your employees and business, please contact the founder of Inysnc Network Group, Margot Andersen.