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What are my membership options?


Designed to help you fast track your transition through community connection and online career support.

This is about connecting you to people who understand your journey and to the right sources of information, so that you can independently manage your path forward with confidence.

Package Highlights:

  • 90 minute Individual transition strategy session building on the 6 Zones of Repatriation Audit
  • Membership community access + closed LinkedIn Group access
  • Access to online career transition tools, webinars and market information
  • Introduction to specialist service providers
  • Tickets to events (online and in-person)


Combining all the benefits of the Connect Package, this level of membership also includes our Global Careers Program designed to meet your specific needs.

Delivered as a one-to-one coaching program it is tailored to help you transition and re-establish your career here at ‘home’.

Program Highlights:

  • Table and explore all available career options
  • Review of any perceived or real challenges to overcome
  • Develop the ‘fundamental tools’ for transition (CV, online profiles)
  • Evaluate positioning statements to ensure local market relevance 
  • Develop your ‘go to market’ strategy
  • Coaching to engage in interviews and network meetings
  • Provide introductions to relevant industry and business networks


Offering a premium level membership, this program has been created for those who are seeking to explore different career and business pathways.

Designed for senior executives, (aspiring) business owners, innovators and industry ‘movers and shakers’ it is well suited to those who are looking to explore board pathways, community development initiatives and new ventures. 

Offering a more personalised program, it includes:

  • All benefits of the Connect and Transition membership
  • Additional coaching including strategic planning
  • Curated networking events to support new pathway
  • Facilitated introductions with other members, the broader Insync community and Margot’s personal network.

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