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Individuals and Families

Insync Network Group was established to assist expats who have lived and worked abroad navigate the journey home.

Our bespoke membership program is designed to support your return personally and professionally. Whether you’re looking for counsel on your career plan and how to translate your skills into the local market, or connect with other globally-minded individuals, we offer programs and connections designed to make your return journey an enjoyable and successful one.

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Are you managing a global workforce or internationally mobile talent? Do you have a large contingent of your workforce repatriating from overseas assignments?

Insync Network Group also offers specialised programs and membership packages designed to enhance the retention, engagement and productivity of your workforce. We work to assist with managing international transitions for individuals and their families, and provide pre and post-departure solutions for your organisation and workforce.

To find out more, contact founder of Insync Network Group, Margot Andersen

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