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About Insync Membership

The Insync Membership is an online and in-person community that connects you with other like-minded and experienced returning expats, service providers and industry networks. Supporting each phase of the return journey our offerings are designed to ensure you arrive well, work well and live well.

Whether you’re planning your return, have just arrived ‘home’ or have been home for several years, our membership provides you with personal and professional networks and career frameworks to help you reconnect with confidence and purpose.

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“In essence, repatriation is about reconnection: to people, places, to ways of life and to ways of doing business.”


Is the Inysnc Membership right for me?

If you want to connect with other globally minded and experienced individuals; educate yourself on your industry and market; and transition, kickstart or reshape your career in a manner that leverages your knowledge and experience, the Insync membership is for you.

Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

Preparing to Return

(6-12 months out from return)

You’ve been away for some time and lack the local market knowledge to make an informed decision as to how and when to return. You are aware of some of the repatriation hurdles you will face and want to start planning early.

You are seeking information on life and business here in Australia and are keen to start building you network before you arrive home.

Recently Arrived

(3-12 months home)

You’ve recently arrived ‘home’ and are excited to be here  but are surprised by the challenges to meaningfully reconnect personally and professionally.   

You are seeking connection with other like minded individuals; and advice on how to best tell your international story and build a plan to help you move forward.

Ready to Leverage

(12+ months home)

You’ve been back for some time but feel as though it’s all a bit ‘same-same’. Your international experience is still fresh, you’ve built up some local experience but there’s more you want to do. 

You are looking at ways to ‘change it up’, explore your options and design a roadmap that leverages your international knowledge, networks and experience.

What our community says about us:

We all have a shared experience. We each get it… the challenges, the motivations and the emotions of what it’s like to return.

Even though I had a role to come back to, I felt so out of place and alone. Finding this community and working with Margot has certainly eased the frustrations and helped me re-establish myself here.

The career advice and support has been invaluable. You just don’t realise how disconnected and invisible you have become. Having a structured plan to work through along with the personal introductions has been a game-changer.

After 9 years away, I had to kick start my career again. This community has been invaluable in helping me with career guidance, networks and support. I can’t recommend it more highly for anyone looking to get going again –in life and work.