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Homeward Bound: Managing Global Career Transitions

Homeward Bound: Managing Global Career Transitions

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” Nelson Mandela Career junctures of any sort are rarely straightforward. Arriving at the moment of ‘what’s next’ often causes us to reassess what is...

The Power of Reconnection

The Power of Reconnection

“We are in the connection economy, where trust and relationships are the new currency” – Seth Godin Last week a card arrived in the post from a long lost uni friend which both caught me by surprise and delighted me in equal portions. I was also particularly touched...

Reducing The Repatriate Career Lag

Reducing The Repatriate Career Lag

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jnr As the demand for globally experienced leadership continues to grow, many organisations recognise the importance of providing international opportunities to their employees. Not only is it...

Navigating The Six Zones Of Repatriation

Navigating The Six Zones Of Repatriation

For those who have navigated the return journey of living and working overseas, you will know that sometimes it can feel just plain tough. Whilst the experience of returning ‘home’ is often not all bad, most of us are caught by surprise at just how many ‘little’...

Global stories in the news


Gen X CEOs are different to what you would expect – ABC

A silver lining for returning expats comes in the form of new research that has found many CEOs in Australia have had some global experience. A survey of top-50 CEOs has found that irrespective of where they were born, 80% had worked overseas at some stage in their career. Read more to learn about why an international CV can be valuable for Australia’s business leaders. 

They Still Call Australia Home: Expats returning home are key to unlocking corporate Australia’s competitive edge – A report by Indeed and Advance

Advance Global Australians and Indeed has released a new report, which is one of the most thorough and insightful studies of returning expats to Australia in recent years. Among its key findings, repatriates are struggling to re-settling in Australian both personally and professionally. The study captures the job-seeking experiences of Australians who have worked, or are working, overseas and navigating their return to Australia. Read more here.

Thinking of moving overseas for work? Research says you’ll struggle to return – ABC

ABC reports on new data from Advance Global Australians and Indeed, that reveals returning expats are struggling to gain employment upon returning home. This struggle can be attributed to a few contributing factors, including the lack of value placed on global experience by hiring managers, and also the difficulty repatriates face in articulating and translating their experience in the local market. Read more here. 

The skills that global cosmopolitans bring to the table – INSEAD Knowledge

Global experience remains a valuable competitive edge for our increasingly international workforce – if you know how to articulate it. Linda Brimm, INSEAD Emeritus Professor of Organisational Behaviour discusses ten key advantages that ‘global cosmopolitans’ possess, from adaptive capacity, to cross-border collaboration, relational understanding, competence and respect for difference. Read the full article here

Homecoming. One writer’s battle with returning to earth – Local East Magazine

The journey of every returning expat is highly personal, however there is much common ground to be found when it comes to the challenges of this experience. Writer Amanda Leigh Doueihi shares her own learnings after living in New York City for nearly a decade, and returning to Sydney. Read more to discover how she grappled with her sense of place, belonging and readjusting to life at ‘home’. 

How to decide whether to relocate for a job – Harvard Business Review

Sometimes the perfect job isn’t down the street, but rather thousands of miles — or perhaps even an ocean — away. If you’re offered a job in a different location, how do you know if it’s worth relocating? Who should help you make the decision? And, how do you weigh the potential upsides like money and opportunity against costs like the impact on your family or the loss of your existing network? The experts weigh in on this topic. Read more here.

The fintech startup jobs Australian expats are returning home for – Business Insider

Expatriate Australians are returning to roles in the local fintech industry, reports Business Insider. Fintechs need people with experience in engineering/software, design and user experience, and sales, and the main way fintechs recruit talent is still through personal referrals. But recruiters are gaining ground as a source of new talent returns to Australia. Read the story here

The problem with being a long term expat – BBC

In a recent BBC article, several interviews found that people on long-term foreign assignments often find it hard to adjust once they return home. Many leave their company within a few years, and some leave the country entirely. This story also explores the struggles faced when returning home after an extended absence and common experiences returning expats face in relation to ‘reverse culture shock.’ Read the feature here.

How to cultivate the art of serendipity – The New York Times

Cultivating the art of serendipity is about being observant of the world around us, according to this opinion piece from The New York Times. But it’s also a wonderful lens through which to see the world when returning home after living abroad. Many of our members feel their repatriation experience is a little like being a tourist, marveling at the city with fresh eyes. Discover the art of curiosity and serendipity here

Five reasons why everyone should live abroad at least once – The Telegraph

Living abroad can be character building, CV enhancing, culturally immersive, taste changing and of course rewarding. The Telegraph makes a compelling case for taking an overseas assignment, or spending some time living in a foreign country. A world traveller and serial expat explains some of the reasons why people decide to make the move, and the life-changing experiences that go with living an international life. Read the story here.

Isabel Lucas moves home to Australia: the Hollywood star next door Domain

After almost a decade living in Los Angeles, the renowned Australian star decided to move back to Byron Bay in 2018, to reconnect with the hinterland and go back to the US when required for work. In this Domain article, among the many reasons that prompted Lucas to return home, she mentions one key factor was to live in a place where she feels connected to her family and friends in order to do her best work.

ABC's Michelle Guthrie among returning expats snubbed by Australian companies – Australian Financial Review

Former ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie speaks out about her return to Australia after living and working abroad, and the challenges she faced when re-entering the job market. She found that international experience was under-valued by local boards and executive teams, and struggled to translate the knowledge gleaned from overseas. She shares her insights in this interview with the Australian Financial Review here

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