Season Wrap: The Covid Series

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" Coming back to Australia is not as simple as throwing a couple of suitcases and the kids in the car"

A special episode dedicated to all the COVID expat-repats – those Aussies who came home in the pandemic either as a direct result, a planned moved or in some cases just because they were passing through Australia when it all hit.

Podcast producers Margot Andersen and Simone Pregellio share the expat stories from both the podcast and six months of conversations with Australians who have been part of the 600,000 contingent who have come home during COVID.

On top of the normal repatriation challenges, these COVID repats have had some unique challenges.  Navigating closed borders, coming home in the midst of lockdowns and trying to re-establish networks over Zoom.

All while big changes are happening in the job market and stories surface of an impending skills shortage.

In this episode Margot outlines the challenges and the opportunities she is discussing with expats today and how expats sitting overseas can prepare for their move back during these uncertain conditions.